Bible Baptist Church

Hymnal We'll Never Say Good-Bye

1st Stanza:

We say good-bye in parting, With loved ones here below;

We always hope to meet again, As on our way we go.

But oft our hearts are grieving, For those we never meet.

We'll say good-bye in sorrow, Till we meet at Jesus' feet.



We'll never say good-bye in Glory,

In the morning, over yonder;

We'll never say good-bye in Glory,

We'll never say good-bye up there.


2nd Stanza:

Our children leave the home nest, For school or wedding bells;

Or country's call or mission field, My take them far as well.

Now wedding bells are happy, And God's way always right.

And absent ones, we'll greet them, In the City always bright.


3rd Stanza:

We greet and part with dear ones; We say hello, good-bye;

And letters bind our fellowship, We miss them, though we try,

To feel them always near us, And follow them with prayer.

But parting days are ended, When we meet them in the air.


4th Stanza:

O happy, glad Home coming, With Jesus in the sky;

For sometimes He seems far away, Though always if we try,

We find Him near to help us, His Spirit dwells within.

But only perfect union, When we Heaven enter in.